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Nov 21, 2013

Rumor: iPhones with 4.9-Inch Screens Enter Testing

Apple is now testing 5-inch iPhones for next-year’s refresh, according to sources in Asia. Both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c will be superseded by handsets sporting larger displays, according to this new rumor.

A machine-translated Chinese-language C Technology report says, “We have just received a message from insiders is that Apple has started testing iPhone6 prototype for some time, and its size is 4.9 inches.” There will be two new iPhones on the tablet for next year’s refresh, just like this year, only the screen size for at least one of the models will be capped at 4.9 inches. This would be the high-end model, or the iPhone 6 (the successor of the iPhone 5s).

The lower-end model will also get a bigger screen, but the sources aren’t sure whether it’s of the same size.

iPhone 6 Concept


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