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Dec 26, 2013

Nokia Moneypenny First Screenshot Shows Dual-SIM Windows Phone Features

Nokia Moneypenny leaked several weeks ago, along with the Finnish company's upcoming lineup of smartphones and feature phones. However, unlike its unannounced siblings the Moneypenny is really a special device.

According to @evleaks, Nokia Moneypenny will be the company's first Windows Phone handset to offer dual-SIM functionality, probably featuring full active (DSFA) support. Full active support or DSFA is a special dual-SIM feature that allows both SIM cards inside the smartphone to be active at the same time. This means users will be able to switch between calls when they need it. Moreover, these phones pack two built-in transceivers, which means one of the SIM cards will support both 2G and 3G, while the other one will only be compatible with 2G connectivity.

The first screenshot of the alleged Nokia Moneypenny has just popped up online, courtesy to @evleaks, and show the smartphone may indeed feature full active dual-SIM support. Another interesting fact the screesnhot from the Moneypenny proves is the smartphone's display features FWVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels), which is not officially supported in Windows Phone 8, but word is this will particular resolution will be featured in Windows Phone 8.1. The extra 0.54 pixels in length might be exactly what's needed for the on-screen buttons the Nokia Moneypenny is rumored to feature.

Aside from the fact that Nokia Moneypenny will come with dual-SIM functionality featuring full active support, the smartphone will also integrate two separate phone and SMS apps, as shown in the picture leaked. Little is known about Moneypenny's hardware specs for the moment, but we suspect the smartphone will be announce in Q 2014 at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade fairs. The latest hearsay also point to the fact the Moneypenny will be launched on the market as Nokia Lumia 630 or 635, depending on region. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

Nokia Moneypenny screenshot
Image credits to @evleaks


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