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Jan 23, 2014

Video Shows Sailfish OS on Google Nexus 4

Google phones have always proved to be great modding devices among enthusiasts, to load not only various custom Android versions on them, but other operating systems as well.

A newly posted video, embedded below for your viewing pleasure, proves exactly that, as it shows a Nexus 4 smartphone running under Sailfish OS. The video shows the work of Lithuanian developer Simonas Leleiva, who managed to successfully port the new mobile operating system to the 2012 smartphone. What you’ll be seeing in the video below is the Recovery menu of the Nexus 4 being used to boot up into a clean install of Sailfish OS, as esphoneblog notes. The entire installation, boot up and setup process takes only a few minutes. The move was possible mainly due to the openness of the Sailfish OS, but also courtesy of the various tweaking capabilities that Nexus devices arrive on the market with. For those out of the loop, we should note that the Sailfish OS is a new mobile operating system coming from Jolla, a Finnish startup.

Built on a Linux core, the platform is developed in cooperation with the Mer project, while also enjoying support from the Sailfish Alliance. The operating system comes with multi-tasking capabilities, while also promising a complete openness, aimed at offering advantages over OSes such as Android and iOS. The Sailfish OS comes with support for Android applications, providing users with access to tens of thousands of them right from the start (the first phone to run under it was launched back in November).

Furthermore, the operating system was also said to be coming to all Android smartphones out there, at least this is what Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki suggested in an interview at the end of November. The video below proves that it is possible to have Sailfish loaded on Android smartphones, though it remains to be seen when official releases start to come in.

Sailfish OS loaded on Nexus 4
Image credits to Youtube
Sailfish OS ported to Nexus 4
Video credits to sledges


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