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Feb 27, 2014

Google to Detail Project Ara Smartphone at Its April 15-16 Conference

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google has announced a new conference that will certainly stir the interest of mobile phone users out there, as it will bring to the spotlight the Project Ara handset.

The conference, set for April 15-16 in Mountain View, is meant to provide us with all the necessary info on the long-expected modular device. Project Ara is one of the smartphones that Motorola hasn't got the chance to unveil to the world until now, but it appears that we’ll be able to learn all about it in the not too distant future. At Ara Developers' Conference, Google is determined to showcase a smartphone that has been designed for all 6 billion potential mobile phone users out there, Project Ara’s official website unveils. As Google puts it, despite the fact that one billion people out there already have a smartphone, little is actually known on what such a device is capable of offering. Furthermore, the announcement posted on the aforementioned website stresses on the fact that 5 billion users don’t have such a device, and claims that there’s a way to ensure that each and every person on this planet could own a smartphone soon.

Unfortunately, no specific info on what Project Ara will have to offer has been provided as of now, and Google appears set to keep tight secrecy on the matter. Previous reports on this, however, did suggest that we’re looking at a device that will enable users to add a nice range of hardware customizations to the mix, in addition to the suite of software personalization options that are already available on today’s smartphones. As a modular device, it will allow people to easily replace various parts to modify capabilities, including memory, battery, processor, camera, and the like. The image embedded above speaks for itself, offering a better view of this idea.

Apparently, the basic Ara module will come with a very low price tag, at only around $50 (€36.6), but users will be able to add better components to it, thus also increasing its price, a recent article on Time reads. In addition to offering details on said device, Google will focus on the Ara Module Developers’ Kit (MDK), which will be released in an alpha version at the time of the conference, it seems. The MDK is expected to become available online sometime in early April, and it will arrive as a free and open platform specification and reference implementation, set to offer all the necessary info on what developers will need to start building an Ara module.

Project Ara
Image credits to Project Ara 

Project Ara
Image credits to Project Ara via Android Police


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