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Feb 21, 2014

Sony SmartWatch 2 Might Arrive with New Garmin Navigation App

The smartwatch competition is getting pretty intense, so Sony is looking to up its game with its all-new intelligent time-keeping wearable.

The most recent batch of rumors claims the new Sony SmartWatch 2 device will come equipped with a Garmin navigation app, says Pocket-Lint. Regardless of how diversified the market for smartwatches seems to be now, keep in mind that Sony was one of the first to offer such a product back in 2012. The device didn't really catch on back then, perhaps being a little ahead of its time. Garmin is another company that’s clinging to existence, in recent times. The company used to provide top-class navigation devices and software, but ever since the advent of services such as Google Maps, its time seems to have passed.

By partnering up with Sony, Garmin is hoping to reestablish itself by offering its servicing to an established Android platform. Sony’s upcoming SmartWatch 2 is said to be capable of displaying higher quality images. The same Garmin Navigation app is said to arrive on the upcoming Xperia Z2 code-named Sirius.

Sony SmartWatch 2 might come bundled with the Garmin app
Image credits to AndroidCommunity


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