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Mar 8, 2014

BBM for Android, iOS Getting Groups Notification Settings in Future Version

The following is aimed at BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) users who are active in BBM Groups and do not use a BlackBerry smartphone.

Since BlackBerry launched BBM on Android and iOS platforms, the Canadian company has been adding new features and tweaks, but there are still lots of functions and capabilities that these apps do not have as opposed to the BlackBerry version of BBM. BBM Video is one of these features that have yet to be included in BBM for Android and iOS, but BlackBerry promised it would bring it at some point this year. Another useful feature that's been missing from BBM for Android and iOS since the beginning is the ability to control your Groups notifications. For the time being, there are no settings that would allow a BBM for Android, iOS user to customize the way they are receiving Groups notifications. Unlike Android and iOS, the BlackBerry version of BBM features a separate Settings option that allows Groups users to customize notifications as they wish. They can, for example, mute all notifications received via BBM Groups or disable the LED, vibration or sound for each message received.

Luckily, BlackBerry is very much likely to bring this capability to its BBM for Android and iOS in a future version. Although there's no word on when exactly BBM Groups notification settings will be added to BBM for Android, iOS, users will be pleased to know BlackBerry is currently testing this feature. N4BB reports that iPhone users who have been accepted into the BBM beta testing already have the Group notification setting on their application. The BBM beta for iOS now allows users to mute notifications from Groups, as well as group pictures with a click of a toggle that's been included in the Group settings menu. Even though there's no evidence for now, we can safely assume this feature is being tested on the BBM beta for Android as well.

Hopefully, more options will be added to the Groups settings menu, such as the ability to disable the LED or sound, so BBM users can have more control over their notifications. There's a high chance that the BBM Groups notification settings feature will be delivered via update on both Android and iOS platforms at the same time, so stay tuned for more info on when the next version will be available for download. Here is hoping that will happen sooner rather than later.

BBM with Group Notification Settings (screenshot)
Image credits to N4BB


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