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Mar 5, 2014

Nexus 6 Will Reportedly Come from LG Too, Based on LG G3

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics has brought the last two Nexus smartphones to the market, and it seems that the company might launch the upcoming Nexus 6 handset as well.

The info comes from Gizmodo.de, which claims that a source has unveiled that last week during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Moreover, the news site claims that the upcoming Google phone will be launched as a lightweight flavor of LG G3, supposedly the next flagship smartphone from the South Korean vendor. Considering the fact that LG launched the Nexus 4 in 2012 and Nexus 5 last year, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Google might have chosen to continue its collaboration with the vendor for the next phone in the Nexus series as well. However, this would be the first time that the Mountain View-based Internet giant actually did such a move; its previous partners, namely HTC and Samsung, launched only two Nexus phones each. According to the aforementioned report, LG will launch its next flagship smartphone in June, something that falls in line with the previous reports on the matter.

However, it’s yet uncertain whether this will affect the release of Nexus 6 in any way. As BGR points out, both Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were launched at the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and the new device in the series should have a similar fate. In fact, Google has already confirmed that we won’t see a Nexus 6 smartphone released in the first half of the year, which suggests that the company is sticking with the previous release timeframe with the new phone as well. Provided that Nexus 6 will indeed be designed based on the LG G3, it remains to be seen what features and hardware capabilities the phone will actually pack inside. For those out of the loop, we should note that LG’s next flagship has already been rumored to land with 3GB of RAM inside, the latest generation Snapdragon processor out there, and a 13-megapixel camera capable of recording videos in 4K resolution.

Historically, Nexus devices have included top-of-the-line hardware inside, though none of them was a very high-end smartphone, as Google was actually looking to keep their prices down, and the same is expected to happen with Nexus 6 as well. One way or the other, specific info on this will be unveiled only several months from now, so don’t hold your breath until that happens, even if Nexus 6 has been previously rumored to be the last device in the popular series of Google phones.

LG Nexus 5
Image credits to Google


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