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Mar 14, 2014

QWERTY-Enabled BlackBerry Kopi Emerges in Leaked Photos

One of the handsets that Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry might bring to the market in the not too distant future is reportedly codenamed BlackBerry Kopi, and the smartphone has emerged online once again.

The phone was rumored to arrive on the market with entry-level specifications packed inside, while featuring a design similar to that of BlackBerry Q5. However, it has been canceled and will never be released, it seems. Blackberry has been long rumored to plan on bringing to shelves a new series of cheap smartphones, so as to grab some more market share, and the BlackBerry Z3 that went official last month during the Mobile World Congress proves that. However, some more such phones should hit the market in the coming months, and BlackBerry Kopi might be one of them. The same as Q10 and Q5 handsets, it should combine the traditional BlackBerry keyboard capabilities with touch features, for a better overall experience. As N4BB notes, the new mobile phone was initially set to become official in the first quarter of this year, but BlackBerry decided to cancel its release for whatever reasons.

It is said to be part of the company’s K-series lineup and to have been planned to arrive on the market with a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor packed inside. Moreover, the mobile phone is said to still be making the rounds at various BlackBerry partners, and no official info on what will happen with it has been provided as of now. According to N4BB, BlackBerry will still release a QWERTY-enabled BlackBerry Q20 handset before the end of this year, even if BlackBerry Kopi is not launched. In addition to the K-Series, the mobile phone maker was also expected to bring to shelves handsets in the C-Series family, also aimed at the entry level of the market. As you can imagine, BlackBerry has yet to offer any official confirmation on the above, and it remains to be seen which of said devices will actually arrive on shelves.

BlackBerry has had a series of very difficult quarters lately, and has lost a great deal of users and market share to rivals such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, a trend that is expected to continue. However, the company is not leaving the fight just yet, and the release of appealing entry-level devices might actually help it regain its foothold, though it will certainly face fierce competition in the low-level market, especially from Android devices. Hopefully, it won’t be long before BlackBerry offers some more info on its plans for this year, so stay tuned to learn whether Kopi will be one of the phones to look for.

BlackBerry Kopi
Images credits to weibo via N4BB


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