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Mar 16, 2014

WhatsApp VOIP Feature Leaked, Shows Identical iOS 7 Design

WhatsApp is slated to become a phone-calling app thanks to the upcoming addition of a VOIP (Voice Over IP) feature that will enable customers to conduct phone calls over WiFi and 3G without being taxed by their operator (except for the data costs).

A couple of leaked screenshots from iPhoneItalia show that WhatsApp is getting a phone interface that looks strikingly similar to Apple’s own Phone app in iOS 7. In fact, in some areas the graphics are identical. For example, the rounded End-Call button is exactly the same in iOS 7.1. Acquired by Facebook for $19 billion (€13.66 billion), WhatsApp is slated to become a direct competitor of FaceTime Audio, Viber, and other VOIP clients currently used on iOS today. It wouldn’t be too surprising to hear that WhatsApp is moving into desktop territory soon.

Facebook stands to deal a heavy blow to phone operators worldwide as VOIP solutions can be used over WiFi, completely avoiding carrier fees. Even when used on cellular data VOIP apps rack up smaller bills than regular calling through the carrier’s network. The new update will also put more focus on photo messaging with the addition of  camera icon on the tool bar just above the keyboard.

WhatsApp screenshots
Image credits to iPhoneItalia


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