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Apr 30, 2014

Google Reportedly Killing the Nexus Series in Favor of “Silver” Lineup

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google is reportedly planning on partnering with various mobile phone makers out there for the launch of a new series of premium devices, called Silver phones.

This new family of handsets would arrive on shelves with high-end hardware specifications packed inside, as well as with close-to-stock Android software, and might replace the currently available Nexus lineup. These handsets are expected to become available for purchase both though Google’s own channels and via other retail channels, with only up to five such devices up for grabs at the same time. The info comes from The Information, which also claims that the program is well underway, and that Google is planning on conquering the very high-end of the market with these devices. Devices included in this lineup would feature specific hardware capabilities, while offering a pure Android experience, something that Nexus phones and Google Play devices can offer at the moment. Multiple manufacturers will be able to join the Silver program, it seems.

The same as Nexus handsets at the moment, devices included in the Silver program will receive new software updates fast, said report claims. One thing that should be noted here, however, is the fact that Silver phones appear to be so close to Nexus and Google Play Edition devices at the moment that it is possible that Google is merely moving to another stage with these two programs, bringing them closer together. Should this pan out, it remains to be seen what differences handsets included in the program will feature when compared to existing Google phones out there, or to other devices capable of offering a pure Android experience. Apparently, Google is planning on launching the program in the US, Germany and Japan next year, and it will also work with carriers and other retailers for the release of these devices, while planning on spending good money to promote them.

Additionally, the Internet giant is said to plan on paying for making them available through carriers too and might even be willing to pay for development costs, should that be needed. As one can imagine, no official info on the matter has been provided as of now, though chances are that more details will emerge sooner rather than later, especially with Android Police already unveiling some of them earlier this month. Specific details on manufacturers to enroll in this program haven’t emerged either, but it seems that LG and Motorola might be among the first to release Silver phones when the initiative is made official. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before more on this emerges, so stay tuned to learn the news.

Google to replace the Nexus series with new Silver handsets
Image credits to Google


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