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May 9, 2014

BlackBerry 10.3 Spotted Running on BlackBerry Z30

Over the last few days, we have had the chance to learn a nice range of new details on what the upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 operating system version will have to offer when made official later this year, and some more info on the matter is now available.

In fact, BlackBerry enthusiasts can now admire the upcoming platform release of the latest high-end smartphone from the Canadian vendor, thanks to a series of leaked photos that have made it online today. Available courtesy of ZonaBlackBerry.com, these photos show many of the changes that have been recently spotted in the platform, but also unveil some more details on what the operating system will have to offer to its users. According to the news site, the BlackBerry Z30 in said images is running under BlackBerry OS, a platform iteration that packs a series of subtle changes when compared to what has been showcased lately. For example, users can see that the interface of the alarm clock app has been modified a bit, and that its design is flatter now, similar to what has been spotted in the recently published screenshots with the BlackBerry 10.3 icons, as N4BB notes.

Said images also offer a glimpse of the calendar app in the upcoming platform iteration, while also providing us with some details regarding several advanced interface capabilities of the OS, which will allow users to save battery and do more. Previously, the operating system was unveiled to sport various improvements to the home screen, including a new icon for getting back to it fast, along with email enhancements, and new features in BlackBerry Hub. Following the upgrade to BlackBerry 10.3, users will also be able to easily download attachments from an email, while enjoying multiple Bluetooth file transfers at once. The Quick Settings drop-down menu will suffer a series of changes as well, allowing users to easily open it through a two-finger swipe from the top, regardless of the application they are in.

Overall, the next major platform release from BlackBerry is expected to be capable of providing users with a nicely improved experience when compared to what is available for them at the moment, that’s for sure. What remains to be seen, however, is whether this will in any way affect the performance of the platform on the market. The OS has seen significant drops in market share and lately, and it might continue to do so moving forth as well, so stay tuned to learn how things might turn out for it in the end. Images gallery below, click for larger image.

BlackBerry 10.3 on BlackBerry Z30
Images credits to ZonaBlackBerry.com


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