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May 20, 2014

How to Fix iPhone-to-Android iMessage Bug

iPhone text messages not going to your new Android phone? That’s your punishment for ditching iOS in favor of the mobile operating system created by Google in the shape and image of Apple’s software. We jest. It’s a known issue and something that Apple is currently working to address. In the meanwhile, try these potential fixes.

We’ve heard that disabling iMessage before trading in/selling your phone can help. In case you haven’t done so, track down the person who has the iDevice (in case it hasn’t been stolen from you) and do this on your old / their new iPhone: tap Settings > Messages > slide the iMessage knob to the left to switch off the service. The good news is this could be the easiest way to ensure that other iPhones will not continue to deliver text messages to your iMessage account. The bad news is it may take up to 45 days for Apple’s servers to register your request. Also make sure to do the same with all your devices that have iCloud enabled on them with ties to your Messages box. This includes your Mac and your iPad, as well as your iPod touch.

There isn’t an official way to deactivate iMessage from Apple's servers, though the company is said to be working on it to stop iPhones from sending iMessages to sold or lost iPhones, preventing the user from receiving texts from their friends and families simply from switching camps. Some people have had success calling 1-800-MY-APPLE and requesting Apple’s tech guys to manually erase their phone number from the servers. Finally, according to one tipster whose identity we cannot confirm, if you reset your Apple ID password and then text STOP to 48369 on your Android phone, the problem will be fixed.

Note: This is in no way verified and / or confirmed as an official fix (basically it’s just hearsay), so document yourselves well before sending any texts to numbers you don’t know. We take no responsibility if you incur damage as a result of using these potential fixes, but we hear they’ve yielded results for many people. In related iMessage news, Apple has been sued by some of the customers affected by this issue, with some even claiming that the company is engaging in practices meant to force users to remain clients of the walled garden that is iCloud. The Cupertino giant has yet to issue an official statement regarding this fiasco.

Image credits to thejtsite.com


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