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May 25, 2014

New Part Leak Corroborates iPhone 6 Display Size – 4.7 Inches

Leaked in China by Sina Weibo (a social platform akin to our own Twitter), the part reportedly measures precisely 4.7 inches on the diagonal, which corroborates talks of the smartphone boasting a bigger display to compete with Samsung’s big handsets.

The component is said to be the LCD backlighting module which makes things on the screen visible with different brightness variations, depending on the level set by the user. The LCD backlighting module does not hold the LCD display itself. Rather, it is just a thin piece of material containing light-conducting pathways meant to evenly spread out the light coming from a small number of LEDs around the frame. In addition to its much bigger size, the module appears to have a redesigned connector. A comparison between the current-generation (iPhone 5s) part and the upcoming (iPhone 6) part is made in the above picture. The connector plug (that goes either onto the phone’s mother board or the display array) is not only longer and narrower, but also has a different pin layout. This is expected, as the entire phone’s innards are likely to have a completely different layout and form factor, mainly determined by the overall redesign of the smartphone.

Considering the abundance of leaks occurring in recent weeks, it is reasonable to assume that Apple is at least ready to begin assembling the next-generation devices, though some reports have gone as far as to claim that iPhone 6 production was in full swing. Various depictions of the end design created by concept artists based on leaked schematics indicate that Apple has achieved an even slimmer design with the bigger iPhone 6. The handset will reportedly embody design elements from the iPad and the iPod touch, including the tapering around the edges (most visible on the back of the device). Apple is using a metal construction yet again, according to photos depicting case molds and machinery meant to act as dies for casting. These leaks have yet to be corroborated but similar reports have proved accurate in the past (for device generations including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s).

Avid fans of Apple’s smartphones will have to wait until at least August to see Tim Cook and Co. lift the cloth off the new generation of iPhones which may or may not include an even bigger version featuring a 5.5-inch display. While there are considerably fewer leaks pertaining to this version of the handset, rumor has it that Apple is planning on fighting Samsung in the phablet segment as well. The bigger phone would presumably have a wider extent of new features, including Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and other stuff. The iPhone 6 could also be priced a little higher because of its more expensive bill of materials (BOM) resulted from new parts, the bigger screen, and the overall novelties in technology and the assembly process.

Comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s backlighting modules
Images credits to Weibo via NoWhereElse.fr


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