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Jun 11, 2014

HTC M9 Prime to Arrive in Q1 2015, Before HTC M9

HTC One (M8), the latest flagship Android-based handset from the Taiwanese mobile phone maker, has been on shelves for only several months, but the company is already hard at work with its successor, it seems.

The handset, supposedly codenamed HTC M9, and most probably set to arrive on the market as HTC One (M9), if the current naming scheme from the company is anything to go by, is currently rumored to arrive on the market in the first quarter of the next year. The info comes from infamous tipster evleaks, that also claims that the handset will be accompanied by a premium version, called HTC M9 Prime. In fact, it appears that HTC might be actually planning to release the Prime model before the actual flagship device, yet specific details on when that might happen haven’t been unveiled as of now. However, the tipster does suggest that a premium version of the HTC One (M8) might never arrive, and that HTC would be focusing on the next high-end model instead. The company was previously rumored to have been working on a HTC M8 Prime model that was supposedly featuring a Quad HD touchscreen display, yet no confirmation on the matter has been provided as of now.

Moreover, the Taiwanese handset vendor decided to make official a cheaper flavor of the HTC One (M8), one that no longer features the aluminum design of the original, but replaces it with a plastic body. This resulted in a significant drop in price when compared to the flagship model. Next year, however, the company is expected to release HTC M9 Prime as a full refresh of the One Mx family, most probably with various hardware enhancements when compared to the HTC M9, though no info on what these could be has been shared as of now. Even so, we can assume that the Quad HD screen rumored for the M8 Prime will be present on the upcoming model, along with a faster processor and a better camera. The HTC M9 should feature improved specs when compared to HTC One (M8) too.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether HTC will also release a cheaper version of the flagship, the same as it did this year. If it does, then it would have its next One Mx model targeting a wide range of price points simultaneously, something that could prove great for sales. And the one thing that is certain at the moment is that it does need to sell more devices to return to profitability.

Allegedly leaked photo of HTC One (M8) Prime
Image credits to evleaks


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