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Jun 4, 2014

iPhone 4 Will Not Get iOS 8

iPhone 4 has had a tumultuous existence. In its prototype stage, it was forgotten on a stool and leaked to tech sites, to Steve Jobs’ dismay. Then it incurred the dreadful Antennagate fiasco. Then Apple pulled it out of production only to reinstate the iPhone 4 production lines for “emerging markets.” Then it got pulled again.

The final blow has yet to come, though. In fall, when everyone will be sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for iOS 8 to arrive in their OTA software updaters, iPhone 4 users will be left out in the cold. Apple confirmed its extinction in a brief compatibility chart on Monday. That’s quite a series of blows for what was once the world’s most coveted smartphone. But it’s also reality. It’s a lot like Darwin’s evolution of the species, where nature selectively favors the apt to carry on their genes, while pushing the weak to the bottom of the food chain. The phone lacks strength to run the software, so it’s deprived of it. Simple as that.

So what’s the iPhone 4 user to do in a situation like this? Well, Apple is still willing to give users credits for trading in these handsets, so the best option for them would be to consider upgrading to a newer model. Not necessarily iPhone 6 or anything too fancy, but at least a 4S. That’s the minimum requirement for iOS 8.

iPhone 4
Image credits to iFixit


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