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Jun 27, 2014

Real iPhone 6 Unibody Chassis Leaked [Video]

iPhone 6 mockups are a dime a dozen these days, but original cases are scarce. In the video embedded below, we catch our first glimpse at the real iPhone 6 chassis, which appears to be made from anodized aluminum, as before.

The one-minute clip stems from Japan, but the actual case was probably leaked somewhere in China, where Apple’s case manufacturers are found. It shows all the design particularities that have been rumored in the media and looks as genuine as genuine gets. The case even includes a cutout for where the Apple logo will sit on the back, and its construction is extremely precise. The color of the case appears to be white-silver and differs a bit from the existing silver coloring of the iPhone 5s. The camera cutouts indicate that Apple is indeed changing the oval-shaped LED flash (from the 5s) to a round one, and rumor has it that the actual camera will stick out of the chassis a bit (like with the fifth-generation iPod touch).

The Cupertino giant is carrying over some design elements, such as the two stripes visible on the back of the phone. These are responsible for both form and function, as Apple usually puts the phone’s antennas behind them. The person manipulating the part in the video insists to compare it to two separate mockups, one tailored to the size of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, the other meant to resemble the bigger, 5.5-inch version. The mockups are visibly less detailed, lacking various elements that make an Apple product shine (including the iconic logo on the back which, in the case of the mockups, is missing). The fakes are also crafted poorly, further lending credence to the new aluminum part being flashed in the video.

We are now starting to see real iPhone 6 parts leaking out of the Far East, which means production is well underway at Foxconn and / or Pegatron and perhaps other suppliers. According to a recent report from Taiwan, Apple has rejected cases such as the one shown in the video because of manufacturing defects. Catcher Technology, the company that was responsible with creating the cases, reportedly lost three months’ worth of orders because of the faulty cases. iPhone 6 is expected to drop sometime between September and October, with some reports claiming that the actual launch date will be September 19, which falls on a Friday (historically the day Apple physically ships the new iPhone every year).

Genuine iPhone 6 case
Images credits to Macotakara
AliExpress.comで販売されている「iPhone 6 Mockup」と「iPhone 6 Body」をチェック
Video credits to Mac Otakara


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