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Jun 13, 2014

Xiaomi’s MiPad Tablet Gets Teardown Treatment, Shows Sturdy Quality

Xiaomi released one of the most viable iPad mini clones, entitled the MiPad tablet last month and the device is stirring up quite an interest among Xiaomi enthusiasts and not only.

Anyway, the curious folks over at iGeek (via GizmoChina) have put the tablet through a teardown treatment, in order to reveal its insides to the naked eye. The pictures they posted showcase that the MiPad takes advantage of a very compact motherboard with lots and lots of chips attached to it. It also appears that one would need about 10 screws or so in order to disassemble the device. The people performing the operating also report that the tablet is made of sturdy materials. In order to stabilize and enhance the cooling functions, several upgrades were added. The tablet is obviously pretty OK, quality-wise. In fact, we could say the MiPad is the best designed and assembled tablet coming from a Chinese brand vendor, so there are big chances the tablet will sell like hot cakes. We’re not provided with any repairability score, but it would be safe to assume they would be pretty high.

For those of you who missed our earlier coverage of the tablet, the Xiaomi’s MiPad is China’s answer to the super popular Apple iPad mini with Retina display. The device arrives with a 7.9-inch display and boasts 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Under the hood, Xiaomi throws in a big surprise, coming in the form of NVIDIA’s latest and advanced Tegra K1 SoC processor, clocked at 2.2GHz, fitted with 2GB of RAM and backed up by 16GB of internal storage. The Xiaomi MiPad is a very light, portable and easy-to-carry tablet, with a weight or just 360 g / 0.79 lbs. Under the bonnet keeping things alive is a 6700 mAh battery, which is also visible in the teardown pictures and looks smaller than expected.

Xiaomi’s entry level model with 16GB of internal storage will sell for $240 / €176, a price that will certainly make the tablet very popular in no time. However, for the time being Xiaomi doesn’t feel ready to peruse the US market, which it still views as very competitive. Is Xiaomi afraid of entering Apple’s homeland? After all, the company blatantly borrowed a lot of design cues from some of Cupertino’s iconic products. For example, the colorful plastic-y back of the tablet is very reminiscent of Apple’s low-cost iPhone 5c. Images gallery below, click for larger image.

Xiaomi’s MiPad tablet's insides get exposed
Images credits to GizmoChina


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