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Aug 15, 2014

First Leaked Photos with a Supposedly Real iPhone 6 Turned On

TMZ, the celebrity gossip blog, of all places, has posted some photos with a supposedly working and assembled iPhone 6.

The next-generation device is handled on camera, turned upside down and taken out the box for the first time. To an iOS device user , there a few small details that look wrong and may prove the pictures or the device itself is fake. TMZ believes these are pictures of an iPhone 6 because they were told the phone was smuggle out of Foxconn factory in China. Foxconn is the traditional Apple partner and the tech giant works with them to manufacture most of their devices. The TMZ blog post says the iPhone 6 was taken from the factory by a guy who used to work in the hardware design department. The casing looks similar to other iPhone parts we've seen so far.

The strangest bit of information comes towards the end of their tip: "It's not running an authentic Apple iOS, which is SOP during the development stage for security purposes". Apple actually runs iOS on all their devices, whether it is iOS 7 or a beta version of iOS 8. One of the pictures, has the Assistive Touch function ON and that is presents two important signs that it may be fake: the date - August 13 is written in a different font. Also, the Assistive Touch buttons on the home screen do not match the shape and look of the iOS 8 ones, but the ones for an earlier version of iOS, which is unlikely to be installed on an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6
Image credits to tmz.com


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