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Aug 18, 2014

New Leak Shows Images of an alleged iPhone 6L Logic Board and Display [Rumor]

Rumors of two larger iPhone models, dubbed as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L (supposedly coming from Large) are circulating for a few months now. The rumors coming from Apple's suppliers and manufacturers in China talks about a 4.7-inch diagonal display and a larger 5.5-inch diagonal display model.

However, so far we have only seen parts for the 4.7-inch one. Everything from the logic board, camera, back plate, front panel display glass, battery and circuitry. Even the round dual flash and the Apple logo were presented in a few leaks. The most recent pictures have even presented the box and reversible USB to lightning port cable the iPhone 6 may get. The lack of leaked photos for the 5.5-inch model had everyone asking themselves whether the device is real, or if Apple is actually planning on releasing it this year or in 2015. And when everyone was expecting less, a Taiwanese blog has posted the first alleged photos of the iPhone 6L parts. You can notice the logic board, battery and display. The latter part, the screen of the rumored future iPhone model is not longer than the iPhone 6's 4.7-inch one, but it is wider. Take these photos with a grain of salt, because they may very well be fake or the parts belong to wither a clone, or a device Apple may never release. However, there are some similarities with the iPhone 6 model.

These new photos show the flex cables and sensors positioned in the same spots as with its smaller counterpart. Also, the logic board photographed here looks pretty much identical to the 4.7-inch model one. The battery has, as expected a larger capacity. It appears to be a 2915 mAh unit, almost double the size of an iPhone 5s battery. However, the larger battery size will not necessarily mean it will bring more juice to the device, but only it will help it stay awake as long as the iPhone 5s. We know that a larger screen is power hungry, so the battery needs to support that. Also the device may have a different processor that may require more power. Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone on September 9th and release it in the retail chain a week later. It remains to be seen if the Cupertino tech giant will get an even larger phone to the market along with their flagship.

iPhone 6L Parts

iPhone 6L versus iPhone 6 display
Images credits to iphonedaily.com.tw


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