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Aug 12, 2014

Nexus 8’s Tegra K1 “Denver” Processor Has Been Announced

Talk about the upcoming HTC Nexus 8 tablet has resurfaced these days, as the slate has been spotted in a few leaks.

The device is expected to arrive with an NVIDIA Tegra 64-bit processor, and coincidentally, on Monday NVIDIA unveiled what’s being touted as the “first 64-bit ARM processor for Android” called K1 “Denver.” The SoC will consist of a dual-core CPU with the same 192-unit graphic processor that can be found in the current 32-bit version. But the 32-bit SoC has a quad-core CPU, instead. During the official announcement, the company didn't say anything about HTC or Google, but it did say “Project Denver” would land into several “amazing” mobile devices” in order to preserve the mystery.

Despite early positive feedback, NVIDIA didn't manage to achieve high popularity with its Tegra 4 and Tegra K1 chips, apparently due to power management and performance issues. This problem reflects in adoption, so for now the 32-bit Tegra K1 has been spotted only in the company’s own Shield tablet, the Xiaomi MiPad and Acer’s Chromebook 13. Apart from the highly anticipated Nexus 8 tablet, Google’s “Project Tango” tablet development kit might also take advantage of the 64-bit Denver platform.

Project Denver might power the Nexus 8
Image credits to NVIDIA


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