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Aug 20, 2014

Sony KW1 Lady-Friendly Selfie Camera Will Have a Curved Sensor

A few hours ago I brought you the story of the upcoming oddly shaped Sony selfie camera which looks like a perfume bottle.

As we have advanced throughout the day, a few extra details have been revealed. For starters, remember that yesterday word surfaced about an unidentified Sony KW1 compact camera which was said to be arriving soon. Well, I can now tell you that these two cameras are one and the same. So I’m going to be calling the perfume bottle KW1 from now on. The shape of the camera is not the only interesting aspect about the selfie-centric device. It appears the snapper will come equipped with a 1/ 2.3-inch curved sensor (it will be the first ever) of the Exmor RS variety, as reported by Sony Alpha Rumors.

Other specifications of the KW1 also leaked online, so we know that the device will be made available with two conversion lenses of 1-3.5x and 3-10x zoom, optical image stabilization, ND filter built-in, a 3-inch LCD, Wi-Fi and NFC. The small device will have a shutter speed of -1/8000 second 2 seconds and be compatible with microSD, SDHC and SDXC. So the lady-friendly selfie camera has turned out to be quite an interesting device in the end albeit our initial tendency to poke some fun at it.

The initial information had us believe that the camera would arrive towards the end of this week, but we might have to wait a little while longer until September 3 to behold this odd but interesting piece of tech. Now the only question that remains to be answered is, when will we see a Sony male oriented camera disguised as a flask bottle?

Sony KW1 camera will have a curved sensor
Image credits to Sony Alpha Rumors


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