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Sep 26, 2014

Apple Staffer in Charge of iOS 8.0.1 Was Also Behind Botched Up Maps

Apple’s messy iOS 8.0.1 release was partially coordinated by a mid-level manager who also happened to oversee the glitchy Apple Maps in 2012. It isn’t clear if he is personally to blame for the new bugs, but it’s quite a coincidence.

Bloomberg has it on file from people familiar with Apple’s management structure that “Josh Williams, the mid-level manager overseeing quality assurance for Apple’s iOS mobile-software group, was also in charge of quality control for maps,” the report states.

Williams wasn’t laid off during the Maps fiasco

Although Apple fired not one, but two key staffers when the Maps fiasco emerged, the company decided to keep Williams on board and he was put in charge of testing iOS. The manager has a team of testers 100 strong spread across the globe with the key mission of “uncovering glitches that may eventually impact customers,” one person says. Apple prefers human input rather than automation-testing technology, former employees tell the publication.

Software versus hardware

Williams may not be to blame for the glitches inside iOS 8.0.1, though. According to a couple of people with knowledge of Apple’s modus operandi, “Another challenge is that the engineers who test the newest software versions often don’t get their hands on the latest iPhones until the same time that they arrive with customers, resulting in updates that may not get tested as much on the latest handsets,” the report says. After swearing to double down on secrecy, CEO Cook dramatically reduced the use of unreleased iPhones in the Apple ecosystem. As a result of that move, “only senior managers are allowed access to the products without special permission,” these people relay.

iOS 8.0.2 isn’t much better for some

As you may have already heard, Apple released iOS 8.0.2 a few hours ago to address the problems introduced by its predecessor (iOS 8.0.1). Among the listed bugs were the cellular reception flaw and the Touch ID problem. However, customers down under are still reporting reception problems on their iPhone 6 handsets even after applying the patch. The company is currently swimming in a sea of bad press that began with Celebgate, continued with Bendgate, and is now being hyped up by these botched software releases.

AAPL down

We wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Apple laid off Williams following these low points in Apple’s 2014 performance. Shares have tanked because investors are reportedly losing faith in the company’s smooth operations. AAPL shares closed at $97.88 (€76.81) yesterday, a 3.80% fall, which marks a two-month low for the Cupertino giant.

iOS 8.0.2 OTA Update
Image credits to Apple


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