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Sep 16, 2014

iCloud now has Two-Step Verification

Apple's first big step to fix the iCloud security problem was taken today. iCloud.com is now protected by a two-step verification system. That means your access to iCloud.com apps is more secure, but it may prove cumbersome for some users.

Did you enable two-step verification? It's not difficult and you can make sure no one will access your iCloud files from now on, but you. Once you have that activated you will be able to see it on iCloud.com. Therefore, when you login there you will need to have your phone by your side to get the unlock code. iCloud.com has apps like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders Pages, Numbers and Keynote. All of them are restricted. Interestingly enough, Find my iPhone and Settings are not locked so you can still work with those whether you have a phone or not.

When the iCloud two-step verification is activated you will receive an email every time someone logs into your account. If it was you, just ignore that email. The iCloud.com page has an option to make it easier for users who have only one computer that they use to log in. Just enable the toggle for "Remember this browser" and you will not be asked to provide an extra passcode.

iCloud two-step verification
Image credits to MacRumors


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