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Sep 21, 2014

iOS 8 Annoys You? Here's How to Fix the Little Things

There are a good number of well-done things in iOS 8. Apple has finally released the mobil operating system we always wanted after iOS 7. However, some of the changes can be annoying. Someone went trough some of them and found a straight forward solution from lifehacker.

We are not talking about tweaks that can be installed via a jailbreak solution, but about simple things that can be found in the Settings of your own phone and you may not know about. 

Get back the old keyboard

Predictive Text is awesome, isn't it? If you are using English as your primary language, that is. But most of the languages in iOS 8 do not have Predictive Text, therefore you are stuck with English. Well, there's a way to turn that off and make sure to gain that extra row of text in your Mail app or just about any text field your are on. 

Just go to Settings - General - Keyboard and set the Predictive text to OFF. 

Do you like the new Recent Contacts in the multi-tasker? That can be useful if you have just a small group of friends that you need to engage with. However, for that purpose we already have the Favorites in the Phone.app. The good news is that Apple software engineers have added a way to turn that off and you even have the option of choosing whether you want to keep the Phone Favorites, Recents, both or none of them ON. The bad news is that the option is really hidden where you least expect it to be. Just go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Show in App Switcher and find the two toggles.

Delete or keep them forever

The Photos app has been rewritten and some users may not be happy about it. This is because when you delete a photo it just moves to a "Recently Deleted" album. Sure enough, that functionality is similar to the Trash on your computer and it may prove useful if you accidentally delete an image. But you have to take an extra step to delete them after that. 

Go to Photos, Recently Delete, tap Select and the press "Delete All".

In iOS 8 you can send audio and video messages, but the default is set for those to expire after 2 minutes. Sure, this is an important privacy feature and it can be useful to some people, but the regular iPhone user doesn't really want to have a message expire. Imagine you would send a video with your kid to his grandmother and after a couple of minutes it will simply be gone. That looks like a tragedy for grandma. 

If you want to never ask to be be delete it you can fix that in Settings - Messages.

iOS 8 can be fixed
Image credits to Apple


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