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Sep 14, 2014

Meizu Confirms MX4 Ubuntu Touch Release for December 2014

Canonical will launch its Ubuntu Touch system on the new Meizu MX4 this December, according to a report made by a Meizu Italian blog.

The Ubuntu community has been asking this question ever since the Meizu, Bq, and Canonical partnership was announced. The developers didn't want to provide a clear answer to the launch question and only the launch window was provided, the fall of 2014. The Ubuntu developers are working to promote an RTM (release to manufacturing) version of Ubuntu Touch and they are almost ready, but it looks like they still have a couple of months, at least, to polish it up. The operating system still needs a few more features, but above all it needs stability.

Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu will arrive in December

Soon after the release of the latest Meizu MX4, the latest device form the Chinese manufactures, there have has been some speculation about the possibility that this might be the phone that will carry the first Ubuntu Touch edition, but there was no way to confirm it. Now, it looks that Meizu has jumped the gun and they have confirmed before Canonical that they indeed want to make Meizu MX4 the flagship platform for the new operating system. "Under the request of some fans that have contacted Canonical, they assured us that from December will be available on Ubuntu Touch Meizu MX4 with MediaTek SoC MT 6595 . Still no details regarding the variant "pro" of the device, which should be announced in the coming weeks , but we feel pretty confident in saying that the OS will be developed for it, with the timing probably a little more dilated," reads the Meizu Italian blog. This is a rough translation, but the information is pretty clear.

What is Meizu MX4

Meizu MX4 is the latest device from the Chinese company and it's an octa-core phones. This is the first one for Meizu with the MediaTek MT6595 and it's much more powerful that the current Nexus 4 development platform. Granted, the Ubuntu developers will have to make some adjustments for the new phone, but it might be a great way for the mobile version of Ubuntu to start its life. The Meizu MX4 device is already available for pre-order and it comes with the latest Android Kit Kat 4.4.4, but soon users will be able to install Ubuntu on it without any issues. We'll keep you apprised with any news about Meizu MX4 and Ubuntu.

Meizu phone with Ubuntu
Image credits to Meizu


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