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Sep 12, 2014

New Windows 9 Video Leaks, Shows a Windows 7-like Start Menu with No Live Tiles

There’s no doubt that the Start menu is going to be a really important addition to the Windows 9 feature lineup, so interest in this particular change remains quite high these days.

After the first video showing the Start menu in action got leaked this morning, a second clip which was published online only a few minutes ago reveals a different UI of this feature, that brings it in line with the design used by Microsoft in Windows 7. At the beginning of the video, you can see the Start menu featuring the same design first presented by the software giant itself at the BUILD 2014 conference in San Francisco, but after the user removes all live tiles, the appearance is very similar to what you can find right now in Windows 7.

The classic Start menu would obviously come in very handy to those hoping to retain the familiar desktop interface on Windows 9, although Microsoft hopes that most people will actually stick to the default look, which also includes live tiles. The Start menu will first see daylight in a preview version of Windows 9 that will go live later this month, but more features could be added before the debut of the final version in April 2015.

Classic Start menu UI in Windows 9
Image credits to Youtube

Microsoft hat in der Windows 9 Technical Preview (http://winfuture.de/special/windows9/)  bereits das neue Startmenü integriert, mit dem man dafür sorgt, dass sich das neue Betriebssystem wieder mehr wie seine Vorgänger anfühlt. Jetzt steht fest: mit wenig Aufwand lässt sich Windows "Threshold" fast wie Windows 7 nutzen, denn die Live-Tiles im neuen Startmenü sind nicht Pflicht. 

Mehr auf: http://winfuture.de/videos/Software/Windows-9-Startmenue-geht-auch-ganz-ohne-Live-Tiles-12912.html
Video credits to WinFuture


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