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Sep 23, 2014

The iPhone 6 Plus Bends, but so Does Any Other Big Phone [Video]

With the big size, a new problem arisen. It appears the iPhone 6 Plus's aluminum back case is bendable. Unfortunately, it does not go back to its original shape and form so if you are not careful you make end up with a bended phone and even a cracked screen.

The problem shows up less on the iPhone 6 model, because the 4.7-inch display phone has a smaller back, hence the surface is not that easily bendable.

In the pocket

Users have reported that the iPhone 6 Plus bending occurs while they were sitting down with the device in the front pocket, not the back one. Other users say that just by keeping the phone in the front pocket while driving they noticed that the phone has a different shape. Apple brags about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that are the thinnest models so far with just 6.9mm and 7.1mm. However, the iPhone 6 Plus is pretty long at 158.1mm. Apple may not have taken into consideration the fact that people keep their iPhones in their pockets without wearing a case.

There's no way to fix the case issues unless you take the iPhone apart. When it comes to the smaller device the problems do not occur often, but with the iPhone 6 Plus users have seen the screen getting removed when the case bends. Apple will most probably not replace the bended units because this is obviously the users' fault. It remains to be seen what will happen if the device has AppleCare+ coverage.

Just with bare hands

Just to prove how easy it is to bend your iPhone 6 Plus YouTube user Lewis from Unbox Therapy shot a video of himself doing that. Shortly after that, pictures of other bent devices showed up online. The iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone 5, Blackberry Q10, HTC Evo, and iPhone 4S can be just as bendy (see the pictures in the below photo gallery). A few jokes appeared on Twitter sent by people making fun of the new "feature" the iPhone 6 Plus has. Other commenters suggested this a problem for fat americans and they should hang the iPhone around their neck instead of keeping it in their pockets.

Apple has yet to comment on this issue. Changing the design, materials or introducing a reinforced steel frame would make the iPhone bulkier so it is not a solution. On the other hand, a tough case is not a great way to solve it wither.

Oh yes. It does bend!

does not sit flat

Just a little bit

Do you want a curved display with that?

iPhone 4S


Is that a BlackBerry Curve?

iPhone 5

Sony Xperia is waterproof, not pressure proof

Samsung Galaxy S5 has got a broken screen

iPhone 5s bendy version

"It's not the phone, It's you"

Strong men

Airplane mode enabled

Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend under pressure?

Video credits to Unbox Therapy


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