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Oct 14, 2014

A8X Chip Shows Up in New iPad Leak

The iPad Air 2 is just around the corner. New leaks from China seem to confirm that the tablet will indeed sport a custom tailored version of the A8 chip found inside the latest iPhones.

Not only that, but the new leak also shows the Elpida RAM module previously said to hold 2GB of memory, which would enable the new tablet to support multitasking. Real multitasking, that is.

iPad Air 2 on the way

Tomorrow is Apple’s second fall event for 2014. It’s not as promising as the iPhone 6 launch event, but it’s not to be missed either. At the media gathering – hosted in the Town Hall auditorium on the company’s campus – new products in multiple categories are said to receive some significant upgrades. First on the list of suspects is the iPad Air 2, with its nearly identical design and upgraded electronics. Things like the volume buttons, the camera module, and the speaker grills are said to have undergone minor changes, while the screen size remains intact in this new iteration, we hear. A Touch ID sensor will serve as the tablet’s Home button as well as a means for unlocking the device and authenticating purchases (including Apple Pay transactions, according to the latest rumors).

The new iPad isn’t likely to cost more than its predecessor, and we don’t see Apple dropping the price either. We hear that the 16GB storage option will no longer be available with the iPad Air 2. Apple is reportedly starting at 32GB with the new tablets. People looking to get a tablet with less storage (for financial reasons) will be directed to the iPad mini, industry sources note.

Blazing-fast A8X chip

Considering how well the A8 performed in benchmarks, the A8X will be a screamer. The X stands as a designation for a custom design that integrates more powerful graphics. Apple has often used this marker as an indication that the silicon houses a faster GPU, exclusive for tablets. It makes sense, considering how many more pixels it has to handle. We also hear that the company wants to finally offer a way for users to enjoy real multitasking by using at least two separate apps side by side in split-screen mode. This feature was supposed to already arrive as part of iOS 8, according to early rumors.

However, Apple reportedly hit a few roadblocks and had to put it on hold. It isn’t clear if the culprit was the lack of RAM or technical hurdles involving iOS 8. In any case, sources say it’s finally happening in the iPad Air 2. Fingers crossed!

iPad Air 2 logic board
Image credits to apple.club.tw


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