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Oct 13, 2014

Lenovo Sisley Is an iPhone 6 Copycat

Chinese handset maker Lenovo is one of the most prolific brands in Asia with millions of smartphones sold every year. But smartphones are not the only business Lenovo has, as the company is also one of the major players in the tablet and laptop markets.

Lenovo’s success in the smartphone business doesn’t seem to be enough for the company, which has recently acquired another handset maker directly from Google. Motorola Mobility is likely to pave Lenovo’s way into the United States’ market where the Chinese company hasn’t been able to set foot yet. But that’s not the only market where Motorola will help Lenovo reach, as the US-based company’s mid- and entry-levels smartphones have become best-sellers in lots of other countries. Although there’s not one Lenovo or Motorola high-end smartphone that would sell as many units as the Apple’s iPhone 6, the Chinese company is trying to boost sales of its products by any means necessary even if that would violate a few patents in the process.

We’re talking about the upcoming Lenovo Sisley smartphone, which is expected to hit China and probably other Asian countries in the next couple of weeks. Well, the so-called Lenovo Sisley happens to look awfully similar to the Apple’s iPhone 6 that’s been recently launched on the market.

The Sisley has the same size as the iPhone 6

Aside from design, we’re not sure anything else would apply to the comparison, as Lenovo’s smartphone is powered by Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system out of the box. However, as anyone can see from the live pictures showing the Lenovo Sisley, the smartphone has the same dual speakers on the bottom side and a thin stripe on the back side. The iPhone 6 has two stripes on the back, but Lenovo probably skipped the one on the top on purpose. Even so, the smartphones are strikingly similar when it comes to look, which is why we think Apple will have a good case here if it decides to file a lawsuit against this copycat.

The camera of the Lenovo Sisley has been placed exactly like the iPhone 6 one, to the left upper corner of the back cover. The whole form factor of Lenovo’s smartphone has been created to induce the idea that this is an iPhone 6. We’re pretty sure Lenovo Sisley will be much cheaper than Apple’s iPhone 6. Spec-wise, the smartphone comes with a 5-inch HD (720p) capacitive touchscreen display and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, Gizmobic reports. It also features an impressive 8-megapixel camera in the front, which would be perfect for selfies, and it will be only 6.9mm thin (just like the iPhone 6).

Lenovo Sisely bottom side
Image credits to Weibo


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