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Oct 30, 2014

Samsung Launching Galaxy A Series in Early November

Samsung Galaxy A Series is no secret as the South Korean company has already launched the Galaxy Alpha, the first device in this family of premium smartphones.

However, there have been lots of rumors running around which claim Samsung plans to launch at least three more Galaxy A smartphones by the end of the year: A3, A5 and A7. They may be released on the market under different names, but they will be priced differently considering they look pretty much different when it comes to specs. The cheapest of the three, Samsung Galaxy A3 was initially rumored to arrive first, soon followed by the A5 and A7. However, Korea IT Times reports Samsung plans to launch the entire series of handsets in early November. Surprisingly, the cited source refers to the Galaxy A series as being low-price, though previous rumors did not point to such a thing. The reason for this may be explained by the following phrase:

“The introduction of the Galaxy A Series, consisting of Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, is part of Samsung’s efforts to regain its share in the world’s largest smartphone market where it is competing fiercely with local smartphone brands including Xiaomi.”

Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 will be initially launched in China

However, we doubt that Samsung will want to compete with Xiaomi on the Chinese market with some premium smartphones, which are usually more expensive than regular ones that use cheaper materials for manufacture. It’s unclear whether or not Samsung will only launch the Galaxy A Series in China in early November. We do know for sure these smartphones will eventually make it to other regions, but there are no details on when exactly that will happen. We expect more info on the matter to be unveiled during the Galaxy A Series launch in China in the next several days, so stay tuned for more details if you want to know when these handsets will arrive in your country.

Some may say that the Galaxy A Series is Samsung’s alternative to iPhone, given the stylish design and premium materials. The build quality of these smartphones is also superior to other regular mid-range handsets launched by Samsung, hence the slightly higher pricing. It will be interesting to see if Samsung will indeed price the handsets in the Galaxy A Series lower than rumors suggest. For those out of the loop, the Galaxy A Series smartphones should be priced between $350 (€280) and $500 (€400) outright.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (left) and Galaxy A3 (right)
Image credits to Android Mexico


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