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Jan 28, 2015

First Project Ara Modules Appear: Innolux Displays and Sennheiser Audio

The first modular smartphone kit to arrive under the Project Ara banner should be launched later this year. While we wait on the big occasion, we thought you’d like to know that developers are working on the modules that will actually let you achieve device customization.

And the first parts are in. Display maker Innolux has already unveiled a 4.5-inch, 1280 x 720 pixel Ltps display with 600 cd/m2 brightness plus a 1 mm / 0.03 inch border panel. The module is resistant against scratches and such, thanks to Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology. Innolux also plans to start manufacturing 3D and E-Ink displays for Project Ara. Moreover, German audio specialist Sennheiser has started preparations for designing high-end audio modules.

The first one is called Amphion and is actually a premium sound card that goes in the smartphone. It comes with a 150 milliwatt class G headphone amp, low-noise headphone jack plus low-latency digital signal processor. A second version is being touted as Proteus and is equipped with two audio jacks. Have you ever wanted to share with somebody the lovely tune you were listening to? Just passing along one ear-bud is usually useless in such a situation, but with a module like Proteus your friend could plug in his/her headphones too.

These are pretty cool developments and we expect more to come our way soon, especially from the camera department.

Innolux display for Project Ara

Proteus sound module from Sennheiser

Proteus sound module has two jacks

Amphion sound module from Sennheiser
Images credits to Phonebloks


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