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Jan 22, 2015

Oppo Find 9 Leaks with Snapdragon 810 and 4GB of RAM

Just yesterday Oppo introduced a kooky new phone called the U3, which arrives in the wild with a pretty big 5.9-inch display, octa-core processor and a slightly disturbing bunny-tale case.

Well, it seems like Oppo is not planning to take a break from unveiling phones anytime soon. Newly uncovered information coming to us via Giz China reveals that Oppo is working towards bringing out a new model from the Find series. You might remember that, when it launched, the Find 7 was one of the first smartphones to arrive with a Quad HD display, so we’re expecting good things from the Oppo Find 9.

Oppo Find 9 is going to be a big phone
A few screenshots showcasing the device already popped out in China, and as you can very well see, we’re looking at a pretty big device, although we can’t tell for sure whether its display is larger than 5.5 inches or not. According to the rumor mill, the Oppo Find 9 will be quite a beast spec-wise. Word on the street has it that the handset will take advantage of a Snapdragon 810 processor fitted with a hefty 4GB of RAM. If the information turns out to be the real deal, the Find 9 will be on par with Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro and possibly the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Another handset that arrives with 4GB of RAM is the ASUS ZenFone 2, although this particular model relies on an Intel chip. As we advanced into 2015, more and mode handset manufacturers are showing interest in developing monster devices that take advantage of high-end chips such as the Snapdragon 810 and also bundle 4GB of RAM. Unlike the newly uncovered Oppo U3 which will probably be offered only in Asia, the Find 9 has a bigger chance of being offered internationally. We’ll keep you posted as more information about the subject surfaces online.

Current Oppo Find 7 was among the first to have a QHD display
Image credits to Oppo

Leaked image of the upcoming Oppo Find 9
Image credits to GizChina

Current Oppo Find 7 handset
Image credits to Oppo


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