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Mar 1, 2015

BlackBerry Announces BBM Update with Android Wear Support, Custom PINs

BlackBerry released an update for its beta version of BBM a few weeks ago that added lots of new features and improvements. The most important was the addition of subscription based services for those who want custom PINs or other features that aren't available yet.

Today, the Canadian company announced that these new features will be available to BlackBerry 10 and Android devices beginning tomorrow, March 2. The iOS version will take a little more time to arrive, but BlackBerry announced it will be available “soon.” The most important improvement included in this update is called Subscriptions. After updating to this new version of BBM, users will notice a new section in the BBM Shop called Subscriptions, which contains additional purchasable features based on a recurring fee. At launch, only two subscriptions will be available: “no ads” and “Custom PIN.” The first one allows BBM users to remove advertisements from BBM for $0.99 per month by choosing this subscription.

Custom PIN subscription enables users to make their own customized PIN that is easier to remember for you and your friends. Obviously, they have to follow certain guidelines like the fact that they must be 6-8 characters long and they can only include numbers and letters. This subscription will be available for $1.99 per month. Those who opt for any subscriptions will received a free bonus in the form of a badge on their avatar to show off their premium status.

Photos in Groups and security updates for iOS users
Another new feature included in the update is called Photos in Groups, which allows users to share photos in BBM Group Chats. These pictures are save in the Picture section, thus you will still be able to “like” and comment on them. Next in line, BlackBerry has added Android Wear support to BBM. This means that if you use BlackBerry Messenger on Android, you will receive alerts on your wrist when new BBM messages come in. You will also be able to read and respond to them very easy. For iOS users, BlackBerry announced that it has added some security updates. By taking advantage of Touch ID, BlackBerry has enabled iOS users to password protect their BBM chats. This means that users will be able to lock their BBM conversations with a 4-digit passcode or even their fingerprint.

Custom PINs

Photos in Groups

Android Wear support

Touch ID for BBM
Images credits to BlackBerry


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