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Mar 2, 2015

Cyanogen Partners Up with Qualcomm, Changes Logo in the Process

Custom ROM developer Cynoagen is pushing forward its strategy of becoming a more mainstream solution, no longer reserved for those with a taste for hacking.

Present at MWC 2015, the company has taken the wraps off a brand new branding which takes the Android mascot out of the picture, while opting for a cleaner cyan-ish look. No avatars involved. The new logo highlights the company’s new stance which involves breaching the main consumer gates by putting its software on products anyone could buy. On top of that, the company has announced a partnership with US chip maker Qualcomm in order to develop software for its Reference Design products coming out later this year. The partnership will enable Cyanogen to embed software feats and UI design elements into devices supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, 400 and 600 processors (used in lower-to-mid-range handsets).

Reference Design models are meant to help device manufacturers deliver products faster, because they come with ready-made elements which the upcoming phones can be based on. Cyanogen is committed to providing an enhanced experience to these budget phones, which are aimed at customers who don’t want to pick up a high-end smartphone. With Qualcomm on board, the company hopes to get its OS onto lots and lots of new phones and give Android a run for its money.

New Cyanogen logo

A brief history of Cyanogen

Cyanogen wants to take on Android
Images credits to Cyngn.com


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