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Mar 24, 2015

Prototype of Oppo’s Purported Bezeless Phone Leaks in First Images

This weekend we’ve seen LeTV’s upcoming smartphone leak online in its entire splendor, revealing a device almost completely devoid of bezels.

The company aims to deliver a display experience that is comparable to the one offered by Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the methods employed by the two companies to deliver it differ drastically. Samsung has a very challenging technology to port the curved display panels on the Galaxy S6 Edge, but companies like LeTV might not have the available funds to invest in such costly affairs. Alongside LeTV, Chinese manufacturer Oppo is embarking on the quest of creating a unique edge-to-edge display for their handsets, but they will be doing it by shrinking down the bezels to the extreme.

Oppo has a unique recipe for making smartphones bezeless
According to a new surfaced patent, Oppo is working to implement a system that allows covering a traditional rectangular module with what the company is calling a panel with “special light guide structure.” To be clear, this doesn't translate into a completely bezeless screen, but one with very slimmed-down bezels. How will Oppo achieve this impressive feat? From what it can be understood from the patent, a special curve at the end of the transparent overlay diffracts light from the panel in a way that it is actually projected on it, expanding beyond the actual display unit. That’s how the bezel of the display module manages to remain hidden to the eye of the beholder.

A few hours after the patent appeared in the wild, disclosing the manufacturer’s plans for the future, a few pictures showing the purported prototype employing Oppo’s new technology surfaced online (as seen at GizChina). We’re currently not 100% sure whether this is actually a real Oppo device or just a really clever fake. But the phone does look extremely gorgeous with its almost non-existent bezels. The model seems to be running Oppo’s Color OS, which by the way has just been released as a Beta 2.0 version based on Android 4.4 KitKat for the Find 7 smartphone.

So what do you think? Are we dealing with the real deal and we’re going to see Oppo launch an amazing transparent bezel phone soon?

Oppo's purported bezeless smartphone

Could this be a real Oppo product?

Images from the Oppo patent
Image credits to GSMArena


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