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Mar 19, 2015

Xiaomi Mi4 Running Windows Phone Caught on Camera

Microsoft announced yesterday that it would launch Windows 10 for Phones this summer, and along with it, new smartphones will be released as well.

The Redmond-based company has confirmed its next flagship smartphone will arrive after Windows 10 is launched, so we can expect another Lumia high-end device to be available on the market in August / September. Until then though, there will be some new affordable Windows Phone released on the market coming from Microsoft, Lenovo and even Xiaomi. Although many won't be available worldwide, like Lenovo Windows Phone handsets, those launched by Microsoft will be released globally.

Along with the announcement regarding the Windows 10 for Phones release, Microsoft also stated it has partnered with Lenovo for the release of Windows Phone handsets in mid-year 2015. Also, thanks to another agreement with Xiaomi, select Mi4 power users will be given the chance to test Windows 10 Technical Preview on their smartphones.

A special Windows Phone ROM may be in the works for Android phones
This means that Microsoft has already found a way to make Android smartphones boot Windows Phone as well. That will make it easier for Xiaomi Mi4 users to test Windows 10 Technical Preview on their devices. In favor of this statement, new pictures showing the Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows Phone have just leaked directly from China. Xiaomi and Microsoft have already stated that they are working on special ROM that Xiaomi Mi4 owners will be able to download it from the website and flash it on their phones. Time will tell when this Windows Phone ROM will be released and made available to Xiaomi Mi4 users.

Until then though, check out the pictures in the gallery and tell us what you think about the idea of Android smartphone owners being able to flash Windows Phone ROMs onto their devices.


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