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Apr 1, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Are Top Performing Phones of Q1 2015 in AnTuTu

We've seen a lot of smartphones launch in the last few months, with industry giants like Samsung and HTC both unveiling flagship models.

As Q1 has come to an end, popular benchmarking service AnTuTu has released a list of top 10 performing smartphones for the period mentioned above. It’s customary for AnTuTu to deliver such lists, and last year we saw the Meizu MX4 claim the top position as the most powerful smartphone of 2014.

Samsung has released the most powerful phone so far this year
It’s probably no surprise to anyone that in Q1 the Samsung and HTC flagships have claimed the first positions in the AnTuTu top. The Samsung Galaxy S6 scored a total of 67,520 points, while the Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9 got 62,373 and 52,709, respectively. As you probably know by now, the two Samsung phones are powered by the company’s own Exynos 7420 octa-core processor (built using a 14nm manufacturing process), while the HTC One M9 relies on the controversial Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 platform. Further down the top, we find the Samsung Galaxy S5 (European model, with 49,335 points), the Meizu MX4 (49,305), Nexus 6 (49,145), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (49,140), Motorola Droid Turbo (48,695), LG G Flex 2 (48,605 - oddly enough, it runs on the same Snapdragon 810), and the OnePlus One.

Qualcomm's chips dominate the top
Interestingly, most of the smartphones present in the top (50%) run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 platform, while only 10% take advantage of the Snapdragon 810 (the same for Snapdragon 801). Samsung Exynos 7420 takes 20% of the pie, while the MediaTek MT6595 grabs 10%. AnTuTu also reveals a top of GPU performance for the above mentioned chips, and we see the Exynos 7420 come out on top yet again with 20,725 points, while the Snapdragon 810 comes in at number two with just 18,936. The Snapdragon 805 and Snapdragon 801 score 16,286 and 13,198 points, respectively. While going through the provided lists, keep in mind that benchmark results don’t actually translate the same in real-life usage, so they have to be treated as reference numbers. They are merely an indication of how well the handset is going to perform when it’s sitting in your hands.

10 performance smartphones in Q1 2015 according to AnTuTu

Top 10 performance chips in Q1 2015 according to AnTuTu

Top 10 GPU performance in Q1 2015 according to AnTuTu
Images credits to AnTuTu


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