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Jun 10, 2015

Sony Not Willing to Add USB Type-C Ports in Xperia Smartphones Yet

USB Type-C port adoption is on the rise, as two of the most important companies in the mobile industry, Apple and Google confirmed they are very committed to this connector standard and will certainly include it in their products.

Many other handset makers have decided that USB Type-C standard is much better than microUSB standard and decided that now would be a good time to try and make it streamline. Unfortunately, Sony Mobile is now one of those companies, FocusTaiwan reports. After the Japanese company confirmed a few days ago that it's not yet ready to include Quad HD displays into its smartphone, Sony now says that USB Type-C port is not on its immediate agenda. While speaking at a technology workshop in Taipei, Takeshi Nitta, a program manager at Sony Mobile Tokyo, said that his company is investigating USB Type-C, but that the industry needs more time to migrate to the new connector standard.

Moreover, Nitta said that while Sony could include USB Type-C port into its Xperia smartphones that will not benefit in the near term to the company's focus on achieving thinner and light designs.

Thinner camera modules are more helpful for Sony
For the time being, the only things that count and need to be smaller and thinner are camera module and display. As soon as these become thinner, Xperia smartphones will be thinner and lighter, Nitta believes. The next Nexus smartphones built by LG and Huawei are expected to pack USB Type-C ports, but Google's Chromebook laptops and Android smartphones launched by other companies are likely to include the connector standard in the coming months. Unfortunately, by not adopting the latest technology at a faster pace, Sony will remain behind competition, which in turn means lower sales and large financial losses.

Let's hope the Japanese company will start being more open-minded in regard with the new technologies that appear in the smartphone industry, otherwise it could end very soon for Sony.

Devices with USB Type-C ports
Image credits to Analogix


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