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Aug 11, 2015

Xiaomi’s Next-Gen Flagships Might Boast Samsung-Made AMOLED Displays

We all know that this year Google is poised to launch two Nexus smartphones, one that is to be made by LG and one with the help of Huawei. And a few days ago we brought you news that the Nexus made by Huawei could be benefiting from an AMOLED display manufactured by Samsung.

What’s more, Huawei might be thinking of embedding this display technology into future handset products of its own, too. Surely, this is not the first time the Korean tech giant is outsourcing AMOLED panels to Chinese device makers. Oppo and Vivo are known for using Samsung’s AMOLED displays, and now Huawei might jump on the bandwagon as well. Today we find out that more Chinese OEMs are interested in Samsung’s OLED technology. ISH Technology Research Director for China Kein Wang has just posted an interesting tidbit on social media revealing that Xiaomi might also be interested in Samsung’s displays (as seen at Gizmo China).

Future Xiaomi flagships might come with AMOLED displays
He claims that after Huawei, Xiaomi is also looking to start using Samsung’s AMOLED panels for its upcoming high-end flagships. So the Mi5 and Mi5 Pro might not arrive with the usual IPS LCD technology, but something else. Still, since the Mi5 will probably debut first, it’s up for debate whether an AMOLED screen will be used or not. But odds for the Mi5 Pro to be equipped with one are more promising. The handset is expected to be the first to arrive with a Snapdragon 820 under the hood, and phones taking advantage of Qualcomm’s new chip architecture will probably make it out in March 2016. That’s plenty of time for Samsung to finalize a deal with Xiaomi in the display department.

Xiaomi seems to be looking to make some drastic changes in the near future. We recently told you that the device maker might be looking to enter silicon production, just like Samsung or Huawei. Word on the street has it that the company purchased an entire range of ARM core licenses and even hired Qualcomm’s former President for China, Wang Xiang. Xiaomi hasn’t made any official announcement regarding this matter, but we expect to hear more on the topic soon enough.

Samsung smartphone with AMOLED display
Image credits to Samsung


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