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Sep 4, 2011

DotA Guide: Banehallow - Lycanthrope Introduction

DotA is the most popular custom made map for Warcraft III. To give players a better understanding of this complex and sometimes complicated game here is a hero guide.

Lycanthrope is a strength hero that can be recruited at the Scourge Strength Tavern. Banehallow was chosen quite often in older maps when he was a bit overpowered. Since then he suffered a lot of changes that made him the hero we all know and love.

Learn learn a bit more about what is this hero and where does he come from: "Banehallow is an avatar of bestial fury created by the scourge. For years he has dwelled in the dark forests of the world, hunting innocents that wander therein. 

Now he is called to aid his masters. He revels in blood and battle, using his  wolfish persona to draw the feral beasts to his side and imbue his allies with his flesh-shredding strength. He is also unnaturally quick and agile. 

Some say he can even transform into a giant wolf, giving him more durability and the speed to gouge and maim with near impunity."

Banehallow's statistics are not the best in the game, but aren't very bad either, so his power come from his skills.

Summon Wolves (Shortkey V)
This will be your main skill both in early game and middle game. The hero summons 2 wolves to engage incoming enemies. Their life expectancy is 55 seconds. With each level the power of the wolves will grow (400/450/500/550 hp) and ultimately they will receive Critical Strike and Permanent Invisibility.

Howl (W)
Through this skill, Banehallow receives extra damage per second. It lasts for 12 seconds and also affects allied heroes (20/30/40/50) and controlled units (4/8/12/16).

Feral Impulse (I)
A passive skill that will increases Lycanthrope's attack speed with 15/20/25/30% and the attack damage with 15/20/25/30%. This aura will affects all other units currently controlled by the hero.

Shapeshift (F)
This ability allows you to transforms Banehallow into a big bad wolf with extra HP (100/200/300), attack speed, critical strike. The skills gives all your units maximum speed. If hex is used on the worlf, he will continue to move with maximum speed. 

One of the ways of winning a game when Lycanthrope is chosen, is done through farming. The advantages of farming and having two lanes close by, mixed with the fast upgrade of your first skill can turn the tide of the game.

As far as items go I suggest you try: Vladimir's Offering, Armlet of Mordiggian, Cranium Basher, Radiance and Black King Bar.


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