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Sep 22, 2011

Google Earth 6.1 and Google Earth Pro 6.1 Are Now Available

Google has announced the release of the latest update to Google Earth. The latest version, Google Earth 6.1 comes with a few new features that should make managing saved maps easier and also enhance the Street View experience.

The professional version of Google Earth 6.1 comes with a longer list of updates and new features.

"If you’re like me, your growing collection of maps in the My Places panel is getting a bit unwieldy. Every time I find a great new map or upload a new GPS track, it gets a little harder to find things," Peter Birch, product manager at Google, explained a common problem.

"With this release, we’ve added a couple of new features to help you clean house a bit and find things more easily," he explained.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but you can now sort saved maps alphabetically. The search box was also made easier to find, you can start typing the name of the map you're trying to find and it will be highlighted in the My Places section.

"We’ve now added even more Street View features, including better zoom control through the slider tool and a wider field of view similar to Google Maps," Birch added.

Street View was added in Google Earth 6.0 and the latest update brings even more features. You can control what you see better and you can also move from one place to another a lot easier, just click on the area you want to see, just like in Google Maps.

Professional users have even more to look forward to. Google Earth Pro 6.1 adds an improved print layout enabling users to add more info to the printed maps, such as scale bars and directional arrows.

The latest update for professional users also comes with an easier way of creating video tours from Google Earth 3D imagery. It's also easier to use Google earth in an enterprise environment thanks to better support for proxies and encrypted connections.

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