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Sep 22, 2011

Intel Sandy Bridge-E Xeon E5 CPU Prices Unveiled

About two months back, we published the specifications of three new Xeon E5 processor models Intel is expected to release in the not so distant future, and recently we have come to find out the prices of these Sandy Bridge-E chips targeting the server market.

The specifications of these CPUs will be nearly identical with those of the Core i7 consumer models that Intel is expected to launch in mid-November, so the retail prices are also quite similar.

As usually, there is a small increase associated with server processors, but this isn't as large as expected, topping out at just $81 (roughly 59 Euros) with the Intel E5-1660, which is priced at $1080 compared to the $999 Core i7-3960X (789 vs 730 Euros).

Despite the different markets targeted, the specifications of these processors are identical as they both come with six processing cores with Hyper-Threading support, 15MB of Level 3 cache and 3.3GHz base clock speed.

Moving down the line, we get to the $583 (426 Euros) priced Xeon E5-1650 that includes much the same specs as its older bother, but has the its L3 cache size reduced to 12MB, while the base frequency was also lowered by 100MHz.

The last chip to get prices from the upcoming Xeon E5 line is the Xeon E5-1620. This is the only Sandy Bridge-E CPU to be detailed until now that carries only four processing cores and 10MB of L3 cache, but comes with a 3.6GHz core speed.

Pricing for this chip was set at $294, or about 215 Euros, making it an interesting solution for entry-level workstations requiring high amounts of system memory.

All these three Xeon E6-1600 series processors have a TDP of 130 Watts and are compatible with socket LGA 2011 motherboards.

Just like their desktop counterparts, the CPUs released in the Xeon 1600-series will feature HyperThreading, Turbo Boost technology, AVX and AES instructions, and VT-x / VT-d / VT-c virtualization. 

The release date of the Xeon E5 processor line is not yet known. The chips were initially expected to arrive in Q4 2011, but recent rumors suggest Intel has delayed their launch to Q1 2012. (via CPU-World)


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