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Sep 29, 2011

iPhone 5 Supports HSPA+ (4G) Tech, Says China Unicom VP

A China Unicom executive pulled out a slide in front of a live audience at this week’s Macworld Asia event and claimed that the "iPhone 5", which Apple is said to unveil next week, will support the HSPA+ wireless standard, or "4G", in short.

Citing a Japanese IT site, Macotakara has a two language version report, of which the English version seems to confirm what the above picture shows: “iPhone 5 will support W-CDMA based high-speed data transfer standard HSPA Evolution "HSPA+" (21Mbps).”

The slide in question was reportedly shown by China Unicom's research VP, Huan Wenliang.

Offering a maximum data speed of 21 Mbps (theoretical), the technology would greatly improve Internet speeds on Apple’s iPhone.

It has been long speculated that the phone Apple plans to unveil next would not only be capable of 4G speeds, but also that it would be a world phone.

There hasn’t been a lot of leakage regarding the actual ‘iPhone 5’ (as far as I’m willing to believe), and none of the leaked parts that have been floating around indicate that those prototypes supported HSPA+.

In fact, all Apple has been leaking so far (again, this is just one opinion) are iPhone 4 prototype parts and maybe, just maybe, some altered version of that same device. There’s a good chance the company has been doing it on purpose to build up hype.

Therefore this editor believes it is entirely possible Apple will support the standard in its iPhone 5, even though there’s no real evidence to back these claims for now. For all we know, Huan Wenliang’s 4G iPhone 5 plug may have been based on bad info.

Apple has scheduled an iPhone event for October 4. The company’s press invitations bear some indication that there will be a single iPhone model launched next week, though this is purely speculative on the media’s behalf.

During the show, the Cupertino company will also be releasing iOS 5 and iCloud to the public. The ceremony will be conducted by Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook.


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