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Sep 29, 2011

Mystery Indian Tablet Costs Just $35

Some may have dismissed the idea of a super-cheap tablet as a good but impossible dream, but the Indian government begs to differ, as it has gone through with the plans to launch a $35 (25.69 Euro) tablet.

Going by what the slate industry looks like at the moment, tablets don't exactly make the top of the list in terms of affordability.

After all, with the standard price point being $500, tablets that approach the $300 and even $400 mark are seen as a marvel.

It is unclear where exactly this puts the tablet that the Indian government decided to make a fairly long time ago, and which is now nearing availability.

Understandably enough, the slate is still wrapped up in mystery, especially in regards to the insides, but the price makes that more or less mandatory.

Then again, any tablet with a selling point of $35 (25.69 Euro) is bound to leave people slackjawed, even if its features don't turn out to be top notch.

Indeed, it is unlikely that, performance-wise, the item will rival the iPad or any Android slate out there.

Nevertheless, the simple fact is that the electronic is the most affordable of its kind to ever surface and will reach students starting next month, on October 5, 2011, or so it is said.

"The computer will be launched next month," stated HRD Minister Kapil Sibal. "This is not just a dream, it is a reality."

Of course, it is unclear what the supply levels are, but it is still a good thing to know that the product has surmounted whatever manufacturing problems prevented it from arriving sooner.

Spec-wise, only the size, or sizes, are known: five inches, seven inches and nine inches, respectively.

Shibal hopes that the $35 wonder-tablet will not only allow students of all ages to broaden their horizons via the Internet, but also contribute to the effort of using IT to assist in rooting out corruption.

"Much of the talk of corruption that we have had in the recent past will be dealt with through initiative of IT. What we need to do is to ensure the scope of human intervention which is the scope of all corruption is dealt with and IT plays an important role in finding solutions and we are in the process of doing it," he said.


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