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Oct 6, 2011

iPhone 4S' Launch Beneficial for Android and Windows Phone

Apple has just announced the release of a new iPhone model, based on the new iOS 5, only that this is not the iPhone 5 device that everyone was waiting for to arrive, but only the iPhone 4S, a highly spec'd iPhone 4 model. 

Apparently, the lack of an iPhone 5 might prove beneficial for other mobile operating systems out there. 

Fans were disappointed with Apple's decision to push back the iPhone 5, and chances are that mobile platforms like Android and Windows Phone will manage to seize the moment and conquer a larger portion of the smartphone market. 

Handsets coming from companies like HTC, Samsung or Nokia are expected to prove more popular on shelves than they would have if Apple launched the iPhone 5, industry sources suggest, according to DigiTimes

One of the main downsides that the new iPhone 4S arrives with would be its lack of support for advanced data transfer speeds. The handset is confined to 14.4Mbps HSPA capabilities. 

HTC, Samsung and Nokia on the other hand have already announced the release of devices that can provide far better transfer speeds, and they are expected to bring more of these to the market in the near future. 

Android and Windows Phone handsets come or will come with support for LTE connectivity, as well as with NFC capabilities, and even with support for 3D content. 

Moreover, these smartphones arrive with larger displays, which will further differentiate them from Apple's iPhone devices. 

Fans would rather go for new iPhone models than choosing an older device at a lower price tag, and the fact that the iPhone 4 was just introduced with 8GB of internal memory and with a cost will not help Apple's cause, the said sources suggest. 

Android is already king in the entry-level segment, and cheaper iPhone's won't manage to steal market share from it in this area.


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