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Nov 22, 2011

Firefox 8.0.1 Officially Released

Mozilla has released its first bug-fixing update to the latest Firefox 8. The new Firefox 8.0.1 fixes two main bugs and possibly some more minor issues. A pre-release build Firefox 8.0.1 had previously been pushed to the Mozilla FTP servers.

It was later pulled, probably because it failed Mozilla's quality assurance tests. But Firefox 8.0.1 has now been officially released and it's safe to grab and install it. If you're already running Firefox 8, you should be getting an updated soon.

Firefox 8.0.1 fixes a bug that affected the Mac OS X version. In some cases, loading a Java Applet via the Java SE 6 1.6.0_29 would lead to a crash.

The new Firefox also fixes a startup crash bug that affected Windows users running RoboForm versions older than 7.6.2.

Download Firefox 8.0.1 Final via links provided below
Firefox 8.0.1 for Windows
Firefox 8.0.1 for Mac
Firefox 8.0.1 for Linux 32-bit
Firefox 8.0.1 for Linux 64-bit


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