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Nov 22, 2011

Intel's Unreleased Core i3-2370M CPU Gets Detailed

Intel seems devoted to offer its clients as many Sandy Bridge CPUs as possible from which to choose from as recently it was uncovered that the Santa Clara-based chip maker is working on a new notebook Core i3 chip, dubbed the Core i3-2370M.

This upcoming processor was spotted by the CPU-World publication in HP 's Maintenance and Service Guide for the ProBook 4530s and 4730s notebooks, while also being confirmed by an internal Intel document detailing its Core i3 Sandy Bridge chip range.

The upcoming Intel processor was designed to come as a replacement for the Core i3-2350M CPU launched at the start of September and slightly improves the specs of its predecessor.

What this means is that we will get a 100MHz bump in the base frequency of the chip enabling it ot come clocked at 2.5GHz compared to the 2.4GHz of the 2350M it's meant to replace.

The rest of the specs were left untouched so the Core i3-2370M includes two computing cores with Hyper-Threading support, 3 MB of last level cache, support for the AVX instruction set and an on-board HD 3000 GPU.

This is usually clocked at 650MHz, but can also increase its operating frequency to 1150MHz when the need arises.

Like all other Intel standard voltage notebook processors, the Core i3-2370M has a TDP of 53W.

Intel hasn't revealed any details regarding the release date or the pricing of this mobile processor, which was to be expected since this will only be sold to OEMs and ODMs.

Outside of the two HP ProBook notebooks mentioned above, the Intel processor wasn't spotted in other mobile systems, but it shouldn't take laptop makers too long to use this new CPU once Intel starts shipping it.


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