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Nov 18, 2011

Next Xbox Coming in 2012, Sony Studio Already Working on PlayStation 4, Report Says

A brand new report has surfaced focusing on the next generation of consoles, with Microsoft rumored to prepare the debut of its new Xbox, the so-called Xbox 720, in late 2012, while Sony has already tasked one of its internal studios to work solely on a game for the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have been around for quite some time and, even if the two companies behind them, Sony and Microsoft, respectively, have said time and time again that they'll still be around for a few more years, some serious rumors about their successors have begun floating around the web.

After quite a lot of speculation concerning the next Xbox console, the oft-rumored Xbox 720, Edge arrives with another report about the Microsoft device, which backs up details we already heard throughout the year.

According to the magazine, Microsoft has already shipped early devkits to studios like Ubisoft Montreal or Electronic Arts, but final versions of the console's hardware will be sent to most developers at the end of this year.

Considering these things, Microsoft is expected to present the new console at CES 2012, which takes place early next year, and will launch it onto the market at the end of 2012, in order to once again gain an advantage over competitors like Sony, just like it did with the Xbox 360.

Sony isn't sitting idly, however, as the magazine also says that the Japanese company has tasked one of its internal studio with developing experiences just for the PlayStation 4. No word yet on which studio is actually doing this, but teams like Uncharted developer Naughty Dog or Killzone creators Guerrilla Games are being rumored, especially since the latest installments in both franchises pushed the PS3 to its limits.

As of yet, however, neither Sony north Microsoft have commented on these reports, so the only company expected to launch a new device next year is Nintendo, with its Wii U.


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