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Nov 18, 2011

Galaxy Works on Quad-Display GTX 580 Graphics Card

Multi-monitor enabled GeForce graphics cards seems to gain ground among Nvidia's partners as Galaxy has just unveiled that it is now working on a new quad-display solution based on the high-performance GTX 580 core.

Little is known about the card at this point in time other than what we can make out from a series of pictures provided by HardOCP, but this solution will most probably be released into the company's MDT series.

Outside of the outrageous cooling system that packs no less than three large diameter fans and a massive heatsink, one can easily see that the card comes equipped with no less than four display outputs.

Three of these are mini-HDMI and are able to support full 1080p resolution on up to three displays in order to form a single 5760x1080 surface, while the fourth DP port can be used to drive an additional desktop display.

The GeForce GTX 580 graphics card is based on the GF110 core and features 512 stream processors, 64 texturing units, 48 ROP units as well as a 384-bit memory bus that is connected to 1.5GB of GDDR5 frame buffer.

The stock operating frequencies of Nvidia's card are set at 772MHz for the core, while the memory is clocked at 1002MHz (4008MHz data rate).

Galaxy hasn't yet made public the frequencies that its GTX 580 creation will run at, but this could be clocked slightly higher that Nvidia's stock frequencies. Information regarding the release date or the pricing of this graphics card also wasn't provided.

This GTX 580 powered solution is by no means the only muti-display capable graphics card to be released by Galaxy as the company already has three such models in the market.

The GTX 580 will however be the fastest of these as the remaining models in the MDT series are based on the GeForce 210, the GTX 560 Ti and the GTX 570 designs.


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