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Nov 7, 2011

Nokia 3D World Gaze Arrives on Nokia N9

Nokia has just made available a new application for their Nokia N9 MeeGo device, namely the Nokia 3D World Gaze, which provides users with a new view over the entire Earth.
The mobile application was previously made available for Nokia's handsets running under the Symbian OS, and is now up for download for the Nokia N9 handset as well.

Moreover, the development team behind the application notes that they also packed it with some new features, which means that N9 users will benefit from a better experience when running the application on their devices.

Apparently, these features will be pushed to Symbian devices as well via the next update, but they are available only for the MeeGo phone for the time being.

However, it should be noted right from the start that the mobile software is currently available only in a beta flavor, and that there might be issues that users will encounter when using it.

“We are happy to announce that Nokia 3D World Gaze is now available also for the Nokia N9,” the development team behind the app notes in a blog post.

“It has all the features of the Symbian version, plus a few extra ones we've added recently: you can now look for cities in Wikitravel.org and easily pinpoint the exact opposite side of the Earth.

“These features will also be available in the Symbian version when we release the next update for Symbian; at the moment we are still working on it.”

The Nokia N9 sports a large 3.9-inch touchscreen display, which means that it can provide users with a great view of the Earth through this application.

Those who would like to learn some more info on what the mobile application is all about should have a look at the video embedded below.

“We think the Nokia N9's beautiful large display is superb for exploring the Earth with Nokia 3D World Gaze,” the development team notes.

The new Nokia 3D World Gaze application for Nokia N9 is available for download via link below.
v1.9.27 beta for Symbian [.sis]
v1.11.7 beta for Meego


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